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Project Communication Strategy
  • Quistionnaire

    Requirement Gathering:

    Getting to understand about your requirements is our predominant purpose. As our first step, we furnish clients with a questionnaire relative to the nature of the project to understand their project needs. Our commendable team members discuss qualitative solutions in response to your ideas and create a perfect plan by developing a mockup for your website.

  • Requirement Analysis:

    Once all the requirements have been communicated by the client, the development team and the project management team conducts a thorough analysis of the requirements and devise a project plan. This analysis leads to identifying the time estimation, cost estimation of tasks required to complete the project. The project plan is communicated to the client for approval.

  • Consent to the designs

    Consent To The Designs:

    Once the client approves of the project plan, the next phase involves creating mockup designs of the project. The client is forwarded with created mockup designs to get approval. As soon as the client likes a particular design that meets their requirements and gives us their approval, we initialize the development process.

  • Web Development Phase:

    This phase initiates the process for the actual development of the client’s website. Web designers use the prototype design to develop an actual, functioning website. With the use of well-structured programming techniques, programming code is written to implement the business logic and define the functionality to the website. This phase involves designing the website with structured layout, proper navigation and suitable content placement in accordance to client’s requirements.

  • Testing phase

    Testing Phase:

    This stage caters to the needs of the client to provide a fully functional and standardized project. To fulfil that purpose our dedicated testing team conducts comprehensive functional and non-functional testing techniques to ensure that the project is developed in accordance to the requirement specification document and the actual code and functionality are meeting the international standards, devoid of any errors.

  • Project Accomplishment:

    The development process is set up on milestones to keep clients informed about the progress. Review reports are generated and shared with the client weekly to monitor the progress. These review reports serve the purpose of keeping track and making timely adjustments in case of any change in requirements by the client. Additionally, it gives us the means to communicate with the client to address and resolve urgent issues.

  • Timeline is our priority

    Timeline Is Our Priority:

    We are very particular about delivering projects within the given timelines. We set a reasonable timeframe for the completion of any particular project depending on the scope of development, use of technology, and resources allocated. The progress of each milestone is communicated to the client every week to maintain track of time for project completion.

  • Payment Structure:

    The payment structure is devised on flexible percentage rates spreading over the development period or fixed rate depending on the agreement between the client and the development company. The payment structure varies according to the type and length of the project.

  • 100% work Guarantee

    100% Work Guarantee:

    Our policy dictates that we deliver upon our every agreement, that we enter into with our clients. The construct of the agreement breeds confidence in the client, adhering to the fact, that we are responsible and fully capable to deliver functional optimal quality products.