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Press Release

Amco IT Systems - Representative Member Of USAID & SMEDA

Posted on November 12th, 2019

Amco IT Systems is proud to have affiliated membership with USAID and SMEDA. This association has been sought out to build upon the immense success attained in the development industry and create avenues to maintain and improve the economic prosperity of Pakistan. In conformance to the vision and directives of organizations like USAID & SMEDA, Amco IT Systems welcomes this opportunity to venture into different verticals and explore new directions to create development solutions for businesses to support their needs and requirements to grow further in a sustainable way. In the wake of this association, the CEO of the company expressed her pleasure and shared the vision of future success and change in the global economy. She expressed extreme gratitude and honour to be a member of SMEDA and USAID. She sees this as an opportunity to test new ventures and explore new technologies to facilitate businesses in their growth by adopting the latest advanced innovative technologies.

Amco IT Systems - Knowledge Partners (University Of Lahore - UOL & University Of Management & Technology - UMT)

Posted on November 8th, 2019

Amco IT Systems is distinguished knowledge partners with University of Lahore (UOL), and University of Management & Technology (UMT). We are a member of the board of directors of the University of Lahore. Amco IT Systems inspires to work closely with these institutions to reform the IT-based educational system. This involves restructuring and standardizing the curriculum of IT courses to provide the latest knowledge about present and future advancement in technology.

Amco IT Systems - Association With WIFI Top SMEs

Posted on October 25th, 2019

Amco IT Systems is proud to announce its established association with WIFI Top SMEs. We are the members of the board of directors of these prestigious organisations. It is a welcome opportunity for Amco IT Systems to work alongside these top SME business organizations to create a model solution to generate growth and create opportunities for talented individuals in the SME business sector to showcase their invaluable talent for the betterment of their organizations and bringing about a positive outlook and change in the general economy of Pakistan.

Jumpstart – Amco IT Systems (Lift Pakistan Conference, 2019)

Posted on October 17th, 2019

JumpStart Pakistan, a collaborative partner with Amco IT Systems is organizing the Lift Pakistan Conference, 2019 event in Lahore & Islamabad between 1st and 8th November 2019. The event will be commencing in Lahore and then shifting to Islamabad. The respective venues for the organized event are PC Lahore (1st to 2nd November 2019), University of Lahore (3rd to 4th November 2019) & China Center, Islamabad (5th to 8th November 2019). Amco IT Systems is participating as a stakeholder partner of Lift Conference 2019 and as a representative member of USAID to share company’s trademark services with prospective clients. Being the representative partner of Lift Pakistan Conference 2019, we are eagerly looking forward to this prestigious event to meet-up with participating companies and attendees.

MWC Barcelona, Spain 2019

Posted on March 3rd, 2019

Amco IT Systems is really proud to have participated in this year’s annual MWC Barcelona Convention 2019. It was a momentous and insightful experience that entailed us to meet great dignitaries and professionals in the Tech Industry and share our company’s vision and direction with them. This experience helped us a great deal in building international collaboration with companies that shared interests in our company’s products and services. Read More...

Amco IT Systems - Alliance with GaneData

Posted on February 2nd, 2019

Amco IT Systems is really pleased and honored to announce its partnership alliance with GaneData, a leading UK Mobile Company. GaneData is the leading distributor of solutions based on AIDC, Point of Sale, Digital Signage, RFID & Mobility Technologies. Amco IT Systems plans to develop innovative and cutting-edge applications for GaneData. This alliance has given a platform for GaneData to operate its functions and services within Pakistan through Amco IT Systems. Read More...

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies - Future Is Bright

Posted on September 18th, 2018

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming a worldwide topic of discussion that is taking all markets and industries by storm. We have reached out to Ms. Zarish who has over 10 years of experience in HR, Technology and Business Development to have deeper knowledge of what Blockchain is and what is its future. This may be the greatest revolution and evolution in technology and economics of our time and maybe even of all time. Read More...

Amco IT System - Technical Partner Of LINKCHAIN

Posted on August 21st, 2018

Ms. Zarish Amjad - CEO of Amco IT Systems, is pleased to announce the technical partnership with LINKCHAIN for the development of Blockchain platform using Hyperledger Fabric to revolutionize the supply-chain industry. The LINKCHAIN platform aims to utilize the strengths of Blockchain architecture in creating a safer transaction platform for buyer and suppliers which is reliable and efficient. Read More...

LIFT Pakistan Conference & Amco IT Systems - Official Partners

Posted on March 5th, 2018

LIFT Pakistan Conference has joined hands with a top rising Software Development Company (Amco IT Systems) to further their vision of the growth of Pakistan in the entrepreneurship arena and building alliances with local universities to introduce entrepreneurship programs from the grass-root level. Amco IT Systems is honored and privileged to become a major partners of JumpStart organization in their LIFT Pakistan Conference program. Ms. Zarish (CEO - Amco IT Systems) is the appointed General Secretary of the Lahore Chapter. Read More...

Amco IT Systems - Technical Partner Of ORIO

February 18th, 2017

Amco IT Systems is pleased to announce the successful partnership with ORIO in the development of their Blockchain platform. With this partnership Amco IT Systems and ORIO are envisioning to develop a platform that encompasses all features of a Digital Economic System based on Cryptocurrency. The aim of the ORIO platform is to develop a Cryptocurrency platform which will create a unique and un-parallel experience with features like Seller Tools, Website Payments, E-Wallets, Coin Facilities, Marketplace and Mobile Platform. Read More...

Amco IT Systems - Registered By Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB)

Posted on September 05, 2009

Amco IT Systems is proud to announce that it has registered with Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) effective as of 17th May 2008. As a licensed member of PSEB, Amco IT Systems is authorized to operate in Pakistan as a software development company under the guidance principles, rules & regulations of PSEB. As a software development company, Amco IT Systems will be offering Web and Mobile Development solutions globally.