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Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development

Amco IT Systems is well-accustomed with the development of Blockchain Dapps & its platforms. To maximize the framework’s apparent potential for storing, selling and buying Cryptocurrency on a secured transactional basis, Amco IT Systems can design & develop both Single-Wallet App & Multi-Wallet App as a disrupted solution for your business.

Our Cryptocurrency Wallet App epitomizes a perfect solution as it is reinforced with multi-layer security and can be linked to any Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. Cryptocurrency Wallet App can also be developed in a form of separate stand-alone Application for isolated business development models. We are fully capable to create scalable, richly interfaced Cryptocurrency Wallet Apps with the capability of fast, authenticated transactional speed.

As a leading Blockchain Development Company, we can develop a comprehensive full-featured Single-Wallet App & Multi-Wallet App with native support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20 standard token, and other Altcoins. We implement conversion technology within the Wallet App to facilitate users to view their Cryptocurrency account balances in the form of fiat currency.

We can create Wallet Apps with cross-platform capabilities providing ease of approach to users to access the app on Windows, Linux operating system or on iOS, Android Mobile Devices and Tablets.

Bitcoin Wallet App Development Services

We extend our services to develop a state-of-the-art Bitcoin Wallet App for our clients. As Bitcoin is the most widely used medium of digital currency, thus it an absolute necessity for businesses to have Bitcoin Wallets to execute Bitcoin transactions. Our Development team is profoundly experienced in the Bitcoin Wallet Apps Development using API Technologies as Coinbase Software Development Kit (SDK) & Blockchain Wallet API. We can also accommodate you with Custom-Built Wallet Apps Development Solutions based on your business requirements. Our Development team takes pride in developing a fully functional, elegantly designed, quick transactional-based Bitcoin Wallet App for the companies in Blockchain Industry.

Requirements For Bitcoin App Development

  • Need Of Bitcoin Wallet.
  • Fast Processing System For Payment Transfer.
  • Java Platform Required.
  • Secure Integration Of Modules.
  • Peer To Peer Protocol Modules.

Bitcoin Development Services

Developing application for robust and integrated use of Bitcoin to facilitate economic and financial growth with secure transaction.


Wallet Development

A Digital Wallet is developed for better and safer storage of Bitcoin cryptocurrency.


Javascript Development

Bitcoin App is developed on the java platform which is more secure to access and cloud storage to integrate easily with data.

Includes the best standards:

ATM Software Development

Bitcoin ATM Software helps to buy or sell bitcoin conveniently. These process are performed through the cryptography method.

We adopt best methods:

Exchange Platform Development

Bitcoin can be easily exchanged with different cryptocurrency at any level. Each transaction record is immutable and is maintained securly in the database.

We adopt best methods:

Blockchain Development

With Blockchain Development Services, you can develop brilliant applications as per business needs.

We adopt best methods:

Initial Coin Offering

Bitcoin is a reliable digital currency, which can be easily transferred through any payment gateway platform.

Why Choose Amco IT Systems for Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development?

Quick and low cost development

Quick & Low Cost Development

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions

Secure Exchange

Secure Exchange

Easily trackable of records.

Easily Trackable Of Records

Fix module for bitcoin transfer.

Fix Module For Bitcoin Transfer

Useful in trade and financial work

Useful In Trade & Financial Work